About Helios Climate Ventures

Helios invests in earlier stage, high impact / high return companies.

Our stakeholders all appreciate that 100% of our focus is on companies committed to combating the climate crisis.

  • Our investors: Our investors share the vision that we are currently experiencing a wave of innovation that offers tremendous potential to positively impact our world while offering compelling investment returns. They value Helios’ extensive network to source deals as well as our in-house expertise in due diligence and technology vetting.
  • Our entrepreneur partners: The people we invest in appreciate our approach and value us as partners. We dig in, share our knowledge and experience, and offer a nimble, straightforward approach. Our investor group is also eager to plug in where their skills and perspective would be helpful.
  • Our peer investors: Helios both leads rounds and invests alongside a committed group of impact investors. This group values Helios’ focus, honesty, expertise, and network.